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A challenge issued to us all

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Much has been made of the current economic slide throughout the nation.
Banks and businesses are in trouble. Families are losing jobs and homes. It is a sad time for our nation.
Unfortunately, the down turn of the economy did not miss Franklin County either.
New reports issued Friday show the county's unemployment rate has nearly doubled last year's average.
So, the question is, what can we do to get things turned around?
One thing we can do to help our local economy is to shop here.
That's why the Franklin County Times and the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce is issuing a challenge.
We want all county residents to spend $20 at a local business on June 20th. This would be a big boost to area businesses and help our county's sales tax revenue. In fact, one economist estimates that if all Franklin County residents over the age of 19 spends $20 on June 20th, it could mean an increase in sales totals of about 60 percent.
That would be significant.
This is one thing that we can all do to help.
June 20th will be on a Saturday so hopefully the weather will be nice and we can all get out to visit our local merchants.
In the grand scheme of things, $20 is a small price for us to pay. But when we all do it, it can make a big difference.
It would put more money into our shop owners' cash registers, it would provide a much needed sales tax boost for our local governments and it would give local business owners a sense of appreciation that we do care about them.
So I challenge you all to do your part in stimulating our local economy.
Spend $20 on June 20th.
That is a message that I almost hope you get tired of hearing or reading about over the next month, but it is one that I hope you all take seriously.