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RFD stresses safety this summer

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Summertime is here, and, while, it's a fun time, it can also be dangerous.
From burning off debris left over from winter to swimming pool safety, the Russellville Fire Department wants to stress them importance of safety this summer.
Fire Chief Joe Mansell said anyone wishing to burn this summer should contact the local fire department. Inside most cities, a burn permit is required to be obtained before burning. However, Russellville should not burn any debris if they have a neighbor less than 500 feet.
"Our street department is good about picking up brush and debris from the roadside so that's a better option," Mansell said. "If residents don't have a close neighbor and want to burn brush, it's still a good idea to give the fire department a call so we will know what's going on."
Mansell said the department has run emergency fire calls to learn that someone was burning something, which is dangerous.
"Whenever you run an emergency call, there is always a risk because of traffic," Mansell said.
Mansell said if the department knows residents are burning brush, they can go out and check on the situation without running in full emergency mode.
Another concern this summer is swimming pool safety.
"Pool owners need to make sure their pools have a locking fence to keep children out of the pool area un-supervised," Mansell said. Mansell said parents with pools need to keep an eye on their children while playing outside.
"I've been to a few calls where there has been a child in the swimming pools," Mansell said. "Those are the tough ones."
The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the following tips for swimming pool safety: