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74 year-old skydives for second time

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Raymond Hall spent 10 years working with parachutes while in the military, but he never had the chance to use one.
"I always said that if I had the chance to jump I would," Hall said. "I never got the chance and my wife wouldn't even discuss it so I never pushed it."
Last summer, however, Hall decided to finally take the plunge – literally.
He scheduled a skydiving flight in Cullman and jumped alongside his daughter-in-law, Kathy Jo Hall, and his grandson, Michael, and his wife, Lori.
Sunday, he returned for a second jump, this time with his son, Duane, and another grandson, Bryan.
"I think it's like golf or any other sport," said Hall, a retired a U.S. Air Force master sergeant.
"Once it's in your blood, you're hooked. I told them that I was the experienced jumper in the family since I have gone twice."
Though the thought of falling from a plane 14,000 feet above ground seems worrisome to many, Hall said there's nothing to it.
"I love it," said the 20-year Russellville Post office employee. "I hope to do it again next year."
Hall took part in a tandem jump, which means he was hooked with a professional diver who controlled the parachute.
"I told him that I was coming again next year unless they put me in the nursing home first," said the 74 year-old Hall with a laugh.
The jump had been cancelled three times this spring. Three of those were changed due to the weather and the fourth was canceled so Hall could see his great-granddaughter, Brooklyn, sing at church.
"You have got to be 19 to do it, but if they would let her go I would take her up with me. I wouldn't push it on anybody, but I think that if they ever did it once, they would love it."