Tharptown student body gives gifts to less fortunate

By Staff
Nathan Strickland
Over 60 something names were adopted by the Tharptown High School student body to provide gifts for struggling families this Christmas.
Names were gathered and placed on a Christmas tree so students could come and pick a name at random and begin the process of finding a gift for that child.
With Christmas only days away, the Tharptown student council hosted a reception for the children. Santa Claus even made an appearance, taking requests from the good little girls and boys.
The THS student council headed up the event and will be giving the gifts out as people come and receive them. Parents of the children ranging from grades K-12 received the gifts from the council Tuesday evening.
SADD and FBLA organizations made $50 donations to support the cause.
THS student council treasurer Kayla Hall said she just likes helping out people.
Around 40 of the 60 names came from the local Department of Human Resources and will be delivered to those children Friday after school lets out for the holidays.
Next year, Tharptown High School hopes to be able to retrieve more names and add to the list.