New laws passed for electricians

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
The Russellville City Council passed an ordinance Monday night that will require all electricians in the city to pass certified tests in order to receive a license.
According to the ordinance, current licensed electricians who purchase their new license before Feb. 15 will have until the end of the year to be tested.
Those seeking a license after Feb. 15 must already pass a certified test before a license can be issued.
State tests and comparable tests required in other cities will be acceptable.
According to city officials, an ordinance was put into law in 1994 that required electricians to be tested in order to receive a city license. When the testing company went out of business, no other alternative was found and licenses were granted without the mandated tests.
Electricians who have already met testing standards will be accepted. Those who have not will no longer be issued licenses to work in the city.