Russellville Airport replaces hangars

By Staff
Nathan Strickland
Russellville airport officials are trying to revamp the facility’s image to draw in business executives who are looking to bring industry to Franklin County.
The aircraft hangars have been standing for about 40 years and are in dire need of renovations. Russellville airport director Harry Mattox said the hangars look pretty grim.
The FAA, Alabama Aviation and local grants provided funding for the much needed repairs. Mattox said the newly rebuilt hangar would be able to hold an eight to ten passenger cabin-class airplane with a 14 feet high tale.
The current hangar can only hold a four passenger aircraft. The hangars consist of six bays and can hold up to six small aircrafts.
Chairman of the airport authority Bill Pugh said the renovations might help the county’s efforts towards building industry.
Pugh hopes to provide vital services in the future to help make industry grow in Franklin County.
Pugh said the connection would make it convenient for company executive to taxi over to their business and it would be the asset some companies may be wanting for themselves. He also states that Senator Shelby has played a huge role in the airport’s development and understands the need for aviation in this area. The hangers for the airport should be done within 60 days from the start of their renovations.