Pleas for a city to enforce leash law

By Staff
Darlene Hester
Letter to the Editor
On Jan. 25, my terrier Leroy was killed on our property by a long-tailed bulldog.
A neighbor witnessed the fight that ended in Leroy dying of a puncture to his carotid artery. The bulldog had on an I.D. collar but we were too fearful to get close to read it.
I am heart broken.
Leroy was my companion and protector. He was a loving family member and was loved by all that knew or met him.
I appeal to the Mayor and Council of Russellville to put in place laws to protect our pets and residents from vicious animals.
I appeal to our law enforcement agencies to enforce those laws. As a long time Russellville resident I am seeing an increase in the number of aggressive breeds of dogs that roam our streets and neighborhoods.
In talking with other citizens many express fears for their children and pets from these dogs. Last year Leroy was attacked by three dogs as we walked around City Lake Park. He survived that attack. Last week his luck ran out.
The time has come to consider an enforceable leash law.