PC water, cable rates on rise

By Staff
Nathan Strickland
PHIL CAMPBELL- Phil Campbell residents should expect to see a slight increase on their cable bills and water bills in the near future.
City officials met at City Hall Tuesday night to discuss what was causing the sudden increase.
Phil Campbell Mayor Jerry Mays said the Communicom cable company plans to spread out on their services.
Mays said the cable provider plans to raise the price $3 per month, along with some changes in programming and increasing the price of local channels. Mays said hopefully they would not raise the prices until everything is available to Phil Campbell residents.
Water bills look to jump up a couple of digits as well, increasing by two percent. Water Board Chairman Stephen Sampson said chemicals to treat the water at the Bear Creek Water Shed have increased by five percent. He said the water company has to follow suit.
The water shed supplies water to Phil Campbell, Bear Creek and Haleyville. Haleyville in return supplies water to Lynn, whose water bill will increase to make up for Haleyville’s loss.
Sampson said no complaints have been filed as of yet, but he is sure they will flood the office soon.