Our feathered little friends return

By Staff
Bob Stickley
Guest Columnist
In case you haven’t already noticed, there are many species of birds that are now begging to head northward for the summer and fall months.
This has been a very hard winter for our little feathered friends. They are most definitely hungry.
A good servant as one should be, is to be place feeders where the birds can see them and feed off them. Birds have special meanings to us here on earth as they feed on numerous bugs, which help to cut down disease on our land.
Just outside the North Alabama Cancer Center there is a very large feeder. I watched as several birds fought over the opportunity to receive some crushed corn that had been placed in the feeder by the groundskeeper.
There were male blue jays, red cardinals, a morning dove and many other species of birds.
Bird seed is very inexpensive and would take less than five or 10 minutes to distribute to perhaps two feeders placed in your hard at a place of your choice.
I am most fond of the little yellow canaries and they are fussy about their food. I can’t get them to eat anything by finch food.
Their proper name is actually gold finch. But once you get them started coming they are so pretty to watch. I have counted as many as 15 on one feeder fighting to get a spot to eat.
I also enjoy watching the hummingbirds but they spook pretty easily, especially if they know you are watching them. We live in such a fast pace of life we sometimes forget about such things as feeding our feathered little friends.
Children would enjoy feeding and watching them and I think it would be more educating to them than some of the movies that are shown in theaters and parents allow this to happen.
I don’t like my kids or grandkids to watch some of the garbage and violent stuff on TV or from Hollywood
I noticed several years ago that all over Florida, where cattle are raised, that this white bird, I think Daddy called them egots, but they ride around on the cattle’s back and feed on flies and bugs for hours at a time and then others will take their place.