Sloss Lake stocked with fish again

By Staff
Melissa Cason
While fishermen shouldn't expect to return to Sloss Lake for fishing until next year, the lake has been restocked with bass and catfish.
State Sen. Roger Bedford, State Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow and Russellville Mayor Troy Oliver visited the lake Monday morning for the restocking of catfish.
"TVA restocked the bass last year, and thanks to the help of Sen. Bedford and Rep. Morrow, we are now restocked with catfish," Oliver said.
Morrow said 1,200 catfish now join 3,500 bass in Sloss Lake. The city expects the lake to reopen for fishing sometime in 2011.
"We have to give the bass and catfish enough time to grow," Oliver said.
Oliver said the restocking of the lake is just the first step in creating a recreational area at Sloss Lake.
"We have big plans for this lake as long as the funding can be secured," Oliver said.
Additions to the hiking trails, a campground and possible additions of softball fields are all possibilities for the lake area should funding become available.
"We want to make it nice out here, a place to attract visitors to Russellville," Oliver said.
Goodwin Mills and Cawood partnered with the city, and the state to assist with the restocking costs.