Probation program set to make county look good

By Staff
Franklin County Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey knows how bad the litter lining roads throughout the county looks to people that drive past it every day.
He has developed an interesting solution to battle the problem.
His Assign-A-Highway program requires area residents on probation for non-violent crimes to clean up the mess as part of the terms of their sentence.
This is good program for several reasons.
First, it keeps Franklin County, which has some very scenic views along its roadways, beautiful.
Second, it provides a labor force to get this done.
With the economy tight, it is good to see the county does not have to waste money sending employees out to clean up other people's irresponsible actions.
Third, defendents will feel the teeth of a sentence of probation.
While some criminals have to go to jail for thier actions, people on probation generally have to do little more than stay out of trouble. This program requires them to repay their debt to society.
In tough times, progressive programs like these are what are needed to keep the county nice while not running up another bill for local governments.