Surviving the ball field

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The day I had been dreading for almost a year arrived.
Since learning I was pregnant last May, I had been dreading this baseball season since I would have two boys playing ball and a newborn baby to boot.
That dreaded day came Saturday, and I am happy to report, we not only survived the day, we actually enjoyed watching ballgames with the new baby.
Whether we will survive the rest of the season remains to be seen.
You should have seen us. We got up at the crack of dawn to get ready for our noon baseball game. Jordan had to play at noon, and then again at five.
Cameron didn’t have a game and opted to stay with my parents instead of coming to the game, which made the day easier for me. I think his not being there contributed to the easier day.
Plus, Jimmy isn’t helping coach this year. Again another positive thing for the mother with three kids.
I expected Gavin to be very ill, but he was in a great mood. I think getting a lot of attention helps his mood a bit.
I expected it to be tough getting the baby’s diaper changed and warming his bottles, but everything started to run smoothly until Gavin got tired.
By 5:30, we were already running behind, and it was going to be another hour before our last game started.
I started getting ill because he was ill. Jimmy’s aunt kept saying he was hungry, but the fact was he was tired.
He was tired of being held. He was tired of getting all the attention.
By six, it was obvious it was time to go home.
So, I loaded the baby up and headed to the house.
I did miss Jordan’s last game, but the baby was too tired to stay and so was I.
When we got home, we got ready for bed.
Gavin stayed awake another two hours, but when he fell asleep at eight, it was for good.
He slept until eight the next morning, and even took an extra long nap Sunday afternoon.
One day at the ball field wore our little baby out. But, he doesn’t know that there are more days coming like last Saturday…a whole season full of them.