Easter memories

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Are so many things associated with the beautiful Easter season? Our own community is blessed with beautiful blooming trees and shrubs. Blooming buds will soon follow the buttercups and the grass gets greener by the day. It is time to hide the Easter eggs in the tall grass that has not been mowed yet. Some families wait until after Easter so the grass will be high enough to hide the eggs. Pastel eggs hidden in the tall green grass paint a picture that will stay in your mind where memories are stored.
Children enjoy the eggs hunts so much, and I think adults do too. Easter egg hunts have changed since I was a girl. We hid our boiled colored eggs and after we counted out eggs, we would sit down under a cool tree and eat an egg or two. I will never forget eating Easter eggs in the cool Spring breeze in our backyard. This will be another memory in my mind where memories are stored .Now most children hide plastic eggs which contain surprises inside, like Hershey’s kisses, peppermint, marshmallow chickens and other small treats. It is fun to observe them. Often large eggs are used for the special gift eggs and contain a little bigger treat. This is a memory that will stay in my mind where memories are stored.
Easter meals were also a family gathering. Mama, my grandmother, always had a ham on Easter. You could always plan on having ham, congealed salad, a cooked vegetable dish, a raw vegetable dish, potatoes and cake or pie. My Mother and aunts would help with the meal. We all went to Mama’s on Easter. It will always be a memory to stay in my mind where memories are stored.
Other special Easter’s were when our boys were young and learning to enjoy the Easter season. Our sons hunted eggs with cousins when they were small. One of the treasured pictures of cousins hunting egg was a video of them searching for eggs in their grandmother’s yard. Now they are grown men with their own families and they hunt eggs in our yard when they are here on Easter. This will be another cherished memory in my mind where memories are stored.
Every season has it’s own special events. All seem to come at a time when we need to celebrate. Easter comes at the end of winter. Let’s celebrate.