Pollen taking its toll on many

If there were any doubts if spring had finally arrived, the dusty-like pollen that has everything covered should have removed those.

Outside stairwells, patio furniture, lakes and automobiles are among several things that are unable to escape the tiny egg-shaped powdery grains released from flowering plants, which are carried by the wind or insects, and serve to cross-pollinate other plants of the same type for reproductive purposes.

According to weather.com, pollen counts has reached very high levels 9 out of 13 days this April and continue to stay persistent through the rest of the month.

Reports show Franklin County in the red for very high pollen activity and specifies oak trees to be the number one contributor in the pollen explosion.

We urge everyone to be aware and take the necessary steps to take care of their allergies and sinuses. Who would have thought we would be wishing for rain already?