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Fishing is hit or miss right now

Blue Bird Skies equal erratic fishing on area lakes. Fishing is either really hot or really cold.

I have had the pleasure of getting both ends of the spectrum this past week. One day you can go out and catch 30 to 50 fish, the next catch four or five.

I would recommend fishing early and late on the days of full sunshine.

Additionally, if we get some cloudy days, get out and fish, it may be the best of the season.

Most of the reports from Crappie fisherman say the best bites are coming on live minnows fished around structure, in six to 12 feet of water.

Bass are still on the gravel beds adjacent to deeper water. The best bait we have found are still lipless crank baits or tube baits.

I would expect plastic worm fishing to pick up significantly in the next few weeks. Cat fishing will continue to get better and better for the next six to eight weeks as the fish move up to sallow water throughout the month of May.

Always consult your state and local laws prior to hunting or fishing, and be safe.

Joseph Gallagher is the Outdoors Columnist for The Franklin County Times. He can be reached at