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Adapting is crucial to success

In life you have to be adaptable to changing conditions, fishing is the same way and can be the difference in catching numerous fish in a day versus few fish in a day.

On a recent guided small mouth bass trip I was able to witness this first hand. My fishing guide was able to change the style of fishing we were doing and we were able to load the boat with numerous smallmouth bass.

The other guide fishing that day decided to stay with one technique and grind it out resulting in a below average day of fishing.

Being able to recognize the conditions have changed and being able to adjust can result in big benefits not only hunting but in life.

Continue to fish shallow for large mouth bass plastic worm fishing rigged Texas style worked slowly through submerged trees and across gravel bars seem to being getting a good bite this week.

We also have heard of big fish coming in on lipless crank baits being fished in the same area. As the water continues to warm, move into areas of shade working your bait slowly.

Turkey hunters are reporting mixed results with some areas continuing to be very good to hear a gobbler in the morning.

Always consult your state and local laws prior to hunting or fishing, and be safe.

Joseph Gallagher is the Outdoors Columnist for The Franklin County Times. He can be reached at