Graduation trips can be uncertain

Even though it has been a while since my final days at Russellville High, I remember the anxiousness I felt to hurry up and graduate then head south to Panama City for the so called last hoorah for me and my high school friends before we went our separate ways to college.

I remember my mom letting me borrow the van so that my buddies and I would have room to pack up stuff and still feel comfortable enough for the ride.

Yeah, I know, heading down to Panama City in my mom’s mini van sounds pathetic, but we didn’t care just as long as we got down there.

There were lots of people who wanted to hitch a ride so one of my best friends, Brent, took his car so that we could transport everyone.

The thing some graduating seniors may find odd about my trip, besides taking the van, is the fact that every time I have ever been to the beach, my parents have always gone too.

After a few arguments about them tagging along on this trip, we came to a compromise. I agreed that I wouldn’t be mad at them for coming to the beach, just as long as they stayed in a separate hotel far, far away from us.

They agreed, so then I was pretty satisfied about the whole trip.

When we got down there, of course we began to live it up and had lots of fun in the sun. We stayed a whole week and partied every day.

About three days into the vacation, the starter went out on the van. I would have panicked, being the naive teenager, not knowing what to do.

This was the time where I was thankful to have my parents at the beach nearby. They came to the rescue, switched and gave me my dad’s sports track, so that my trip wouldn’t be ruined.

They came and took the van and got the starter replaced and left me with the truck the rest of the week.

Sure, the idea of having my parents at the beach during my graduation trip seemed lame, but turns out it was actually a blessing because I could have potentially been stranded without a way back home.

This year, my advice to seniors heading to the beach after graduation would be to watch out for each other.

For some this could be the first trip without parents, so really pay attention at all times to your environment and stay in a group of friends.

More than likely, everything will end up being fine and you will have one of the best times in your life. But ultimately just be smart, we don’t want you to end up making headlines in the national news.

There I’ve said my peace. Until next time, Later Dayz…