RBCC passes resolution on water pollution

RED BAY- Council members voted unanimously to pass a resolution concerning a municipal water pollution prevention program during their called meeting at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

The meeting was called to order Tuesday because of a looming deadline requirements to turn in the proper forms to officials in Montgomery by June 1.

After an annual report was reviewed exceeding all expectations of the mayor and council, resolution 10-5-25 was passed informing the Department of Environmental Management to set forth the following actions and schedule necessary to maintain effluent requirements contained in the NPDES permit and to prevent the bypass and overflow of raw sewage within the collection system or at the treatment plant:

• Prepare a “five-year plan” that outlines modification and upgrades needed.

• Continue satisfactory maintenance and repair of existing collection and treatment facilities.

• Continue point repairs as needed.

• Initiate I/I reduction program.

• Ensure collection system personnel become certified

• Update sewer ordinance

In other business, the council voted to donate $100 to sponsor the 30th annual Franklin County Watermelon festival held in Russellville this coming August.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Red Bay city council will be held on June 7 at 7 p.m. inside city hall.