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School Happenings: Proration

By Don Cox


What does it mean?

It means over $2.5 million for Russellville City Schools. Our system has lost over $2.5 million over the last two years due to proration.

We lost 18.5 percent of our funding.

What would your family budget look like if it had this kind of hit?

Could you lose 18.5 percent of your income and still survive?

Two years ago, we had money in savings, and we were operating within our budget. Now, we are struggling to survive. We have cut as many teachers and other staff as we possibly can.

As you know, we need to restore the teaching units that have been cut to return to where we were.

I believe it is time for all of us to band together and actively campaign for the two-year temporary one-cent sales tax referendum set for June 1. I am frustrated with the funding crisis we face, and the negative impact it has already dealt our students and staff.

If this tax does not pass, a dire situation will become catastrophic!  We could expect more losses of jobs and vital academic and extracurricular programs.  This will ultimately hurt the children and negatively impact the economy in Franklin County.

Some important facts to consider:

• The tax is temporary and 100 percent of the money will remain in Franklin

County. This will provide some immediate relief to preserve teaching


• These funds will help restore our required operating balance.

• It could provide $800,000 per year for two years for our system.

• None of these funds will be used for capital projects.

Let’s work together to support this temporary one-cent tax by reminding family and friends to vote. Please vote yes on June 1 to continue the Tradition of Excellence in Russellville City Schools.

Remember, every child is a worth a penny.

Don Cox is the Superintendent of Russellville City Schools.