Bon appétit with Melissa Cason

The French phrase bon appétit means “to enjoy your meal.”
I spent several years taking  French in high school and college. While I must admit my French has faded over the years,  I still use some of the common phrases such as bon appétit. So I thought if I’m going to write a food column, it’s going to be called  Bon appétit.
I have to admit I am not what you would call a great cook. I do what I have to do to feed my family. But, baking is another story. I love to bake.
I remember when my dad and I decided to bake cookies. I mean we baked cookies for what seemed like a month. Every time we’d turn around we were getting stuff to bake cookies.
I’m not talking about the cookies made from a mix. We used flour, sugar, butter, chocolate chips, oatmeal and other ingredients.
We would mix these together to make all kinds of cookies. Our favorite was chocolate chip cookies, but we also dabbled in making oatmeal and peanut butter cookies as well.
My dad and I would bake these cookies for hours and days at a time. Looking back, we laugh about making so many cookies. We are even more shocked none of them were wasted. We ate them, and what we didn’t eat, we gave away.
Baking cookies with my dad is one of my favorite childhood memories.
Today, I don’t just back cookies. I bake cakes, pies and other delectable desserts.
The next time you need a good memory, break open a bag of flour, mix in a little sugar and bake up a batch of cookies. You’ll have a memory and your child will have some cookies too.