Morrow wins another term in House


Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow celebrates his victory in the House 18 race with supporters Tuesday night. | Jonathan Willis/FCT


In a race that became heated and sometimes contentious over the past few weeks, state Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow defeated Russellville City Councilman Jeff Masterson Tuesday night to win a sixth term to the state House of Representative.

Morrow defeated Masterson 3,987 to 2,748 in Franklin County and 1,101 to 730 in Colbert County.

“There is no way I can thank all those who have done so much to make this victory possible,” Morrow said during a celebration party late Tuesday.

Masterson and Morrow both accused the other of violating ethics conduct during the campaign. Masterson also accused Morrow of using state funds to make renovations to his farm near Red Bay, which is used throughout the school year by county students.

“Trials and tribulations test relationships, and it is good to be standing here with so many tried and tested friends. These results prove that truth will prevail,” Morrow said.

Masterson said that he was disappointed in the election’s outcome, but he believes that he brought some things to light during his campaign.

“It’s almost like people are content with what they’ve got,” Masterson said.

“I think we opened some people’s eyes to some things that have gone on.”

During the last couple of weeks of the election, Masterson’s allegations about Cypress Cove Farm drew criticism from members of the Bear Creek Development Authority board.

“The leadership of the Bear Creek Development Authority, a group dedicated to helping our children and serving all society, should not have been subjected to the vicious attacks leveled by my opponent in this campaign.”

Morrow said that he has never been part of a campaign such as this.

“If politics keeps moving in this direction, then good people won’t run,” he said. “I am just glad that I don’t have to get up in the morning and hear what kinds of lies have been said about me.”

Masterson said he believes in his campaign, but thought the end result was due to Morrow’s influence.

“It’s hard to beat an incumbent,” Masterson said. “That holds true for almost every political office.”