FCSD to receive $25,000 from grant

Three county sheriff’s departments are set to split a grant awarded by Gov. Bob Riley totaling $74,863 to update law enforcement equipment.

Riley awarded Franklin County Sheriff’s department $25,000 from the grant, which will help the sheriff’s office purchase computers and video cameras for patrol cars.

“I am pleased to help the sheriff’s departments of Colbert, Franklin and Winston counties obtain the equipment they need to effectively protect residents,” Riley said.

The computers will provide deputies with immediate access to up-to-date law enforcement data, including criminal background checks, automobile license plate data and other pertinent information.

Franklin County Sheriff Plott said he is always glad to see additional funds come in and help the officers who are out on the roadways.

“We will have to go through the processes and things before the money is distributed, but once it arrives and we can purchase the items needed it will be a big help,” Plott said. “The patrol car computers will run off of disc rather than tape and our video cameras will be more advanced and digitalized. The cameras will serve pretty much as a second person with officers out on patrol.”

Officers also can complete reports and electronically submit the information to headquarters using the equipment.

The video cameras will record traffic stops for use as evidence in criminal cases.

Riley awarded grants of $24,836 to Colbert County and $25,000 to Winston County for the purchase of digital fingerprint scanners.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) is administering the grants from funds made available by the U.S. Department of Justice