Red Bay’s Parsons honored for classroom work

The month of May was a busy, but rewarding time for one Red Bay teacher.

Dr. Jacqueline Parsons, a 10-year teaching veteran at Red Bay High School, received her doctorate degree from Samford University last month and was notified that she had been honored by the Alabama Sports Festival.

Dr. Jacqueline Parsons

On June 18, Parsons received the Medal of Distinction from the Alabama Sports Festival at the opening ceremony for the 2010 Alabama Sports Festival State Games.

The festival presented the medals of distinction to educators and support professionals to honor their contributions in helping students.

Qualified recipients for the Medal of Distinction are active or retired educators or support professionals who served at least 10 years in their respective fields.

The awards were presented to people from a variety of backgrounds, including: public, private, homeschool, Christian and two and four year universities.

Parsons, a special education teacher at Red Bay, was nominated by a colleague from a different school system.

“I was so excited,” Parsons said.

“It was unexpected and it’s a nice honor.”

Alabama Sports Festival president/CEO Ron Creel emphasized the importance of honoring the heroes of the classroom.

“Standing at the front of the classroom, behind the counters in the cafeteria and at the desk at the main office, Alabama teachers and support personnel help to provide one of the greatest luxuries – education,” Creel said.

“Their outstanding commitment to fostering relationships with students across this great state help to develop our future teachers, lawyers and doctors.

“Their dedication, professional leadership and engagement with families and the community help to contribute to the healthy development of children. Through one student at a time, their personal touch and care in a student’s development help to foster the fundamentals that will be carried with a student for life.”