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Adapt to conditions for success with Bass

Bass fishing in North Alabama continues to be hot as ever.

Consistent bites are on plastic worms fished around structure, with the top water bite being excellent in early morning and late evening.

We still are having great success with the Repala X-Rap in silver color and Mizmo Tube baits. Additionally, good numbers of Bass being caught have been reported using a Case Magic Stick in either road kill color or green pumpkin.

As the temperature changes throughout the day be able to fish in different depths and locations.

Don’t get stuck fishing one area after the fish have moved into a different depth. Fish the shallow water early and late, while working the deeper water in the hottest part of the day.

This weekend 4th of July boat traffic will be heavy on area waterways. Please be careful of other boaters.

One more thing for the boaters who like to pull up to a boat dock throwing a big wake, it is not cool, besides you look like an idiot when you beat your own boat against the dock with your own wake.

Joseph Gallagher is the Outdoors Columnist for The Franklin County Times. He can be reached at