Land Transactions

The following are the most recent land transactions as recorded with the Franklin County Probate Office.

July 19

• Mary Levereault to James Wilson, mineral

• Rickey Edmond to Shirley Howard, warranty

• Pauline Burcham to Vernon Hood, survivorship

July 20

• Tiffany Posey to J.M. Page, warranty

• Hattie Johnson to Jesus Velasco, survivorship

July 21

• Kevin Stewart to Harold Watson, warranty

• Crystal Armstead to Melvin Armsted Jr., quit claim

• Brenda Cothrum to William Cummings, corrective

July 22

• Demp Garrison to Joe Watts, warranty

• Jeffery Hulsey to Regis Mortgage Electronic, foreclosure-corrective

• Robert James to Randy Sparks, warranty

• Christopher Speck to Jorge Fuentes, warranty

• Nona McCalpin to Donna Hester, warranty

• Vera Lee Scott to Donna Kent, warranty

• John James to Donald Pennington, quit claim

July 23

• Katherine Fuller to Darrel Fuller, quit claim

• Patricia Henson to Infinite Investments, warranty

• Ginger Jones to Scott Jones, quit claim

• Sammy Fuller to Carolee Cosby, warranty

• Community Spirit Bank to Community Spirit Bank, warranty

• Annie Suggs to Marshall Reynolds, survivorship

• Annie Suggs to Marilyn Smith, warranty

• Bonnie Pounders to Charles Key III, warranty

• Carlos Borden to Christopher Borden, warranty

• R.H. Williams to Troy Thompson, warranty