It is time for me to make a change

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

They say time flies when you are having fun. My tenure at The Franklin County Times has flown by, so I guess I have had fun in my three years and four months as sports editor.

Actually, there is no guessing involved — I have had fun. I have had the opportunity to work with some great people here at the office. I have met many interesting people who call Franklin County home. I have also watched several excellent athletes who have given me some wonderful games to watch.

While I have enjoyed and treasured these experiences, it is time for me to move on to new endeavors. I am leaving The Franklin County Times to take a job in Tacoma, Wash.

The past few years have shown me how quickly life can pass you by.

My uncle, who was more like a brother, died of cancer nearly two years ago at the age of 44. In the past three years I have had two other family members fight cancer — only one of them survived.

This year I also went through a divorce. With my marriage coming to an end in only six years, and realizing how quickly the last 31 years of my life have flown by, I assessed my situation and knew I needed to make a decision.

I had the option of staying here and seeing where my career leads, or I could take a more proactive route and try to open up new opportunities. Since I have always had a bit of an adventurous spirit, the decision seemed obvious.

While growing up, the idea of moving away from home never bothered me. I have always been willing to go to where the best career opportunity presented itself. At this point in time that opportunity is in Washington.

As I finish up my final days here in Alabama, I have no doubt there will be some tough goodbyes — I have made too many good friends for things to end differently.

I know over the years I have upset some people in the county through my game coverage. Sometimes it is what I said in my stories and sometimes it was because I was unable to get to a particular game.

I also have little doubt I have angered some readers with my opinionated columns on the editorial page. I know my opinions are not always the most popular view, but I appreciate publisher Jonathan Willis giving me a platform to express them.

Thank you, readers, for inviting me into your lives and homes through the paper and our Web site. I have always tried to give you a good product, and while I know I have not always delivered, I appreciate your continued reading and support.

Although I am moving nearly 3,000 miles away, Franklin County will never be far from my mind. It is a special place I will never forget.