Alabama wins title game

Alabama did it. They beat LSU bad enough that critics wouldn’t start crying co-champs.

In my estimation, one of the two teams actually showed up for the National Championship game ready to play for a trophy.

In case you don’t know which one I mean, let’s just say that team wasn’t wearing purple and gold.

The Crimson Tide came out with a great strategy — prevent LSU from scoring, and we will eventually. That is exactly what happened.

I spent the game sitting in between two Alabama fans that were nervous the entire game.

I was the exact same way last year when Auburn beat Oregon.

I came into the room and made a deal with them; if they didn’t badmouth Auburn, I wouldn’t say anything disparaging against Bama.

It was a win-win for me — my only concern was the Coaches’ Trophy staying in the SEC. I didn’t really care who won.

Alabama won with a shutout, the first since Tom Osborne was leading an unstoppable Nebraska team in the early ‘90s.

Like my brother said that night, all LSU had to do was not get blown out and they would have a decent chance at being named a co-champ if nothing else.

The problem was, the Bayou Bengals defied history and were defeated for the first time in a bowl game in New Orleans.

On a side note, one of my friends was curious about why New Orleans is called “The Big Easy.” One popular theory is that the city was one big speakeasy during Prohibition. Makes sense to me. Also, another name for a speakeasy was a blind tiger. Coincidence LSU? Yeah, I know they’re in Baton Rouge. So what?

As much as I hate to admit it, the Crimson Tide team that played Monday night was without a doubt the best team in the country at any point this season, so give them the trophy.

At least that makes three championships in a row for Alabama schools. Now if only Auburn can keep the trend going next season.

Four-peat anyone?