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Two charged in four-wheeler theft

Two men were arrested on Tuesday after being accused of stealing property from a hunting club in Red Bay.
Brian Rasko, 18, 510 Gypsy Loop, Cherokee; and Kenneth Green, 20, of Red Bay, were both charged with first-degree theft of property and third-degree burglary, officials said.
According to Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver, a four-wheeler had been reported as stolen from a storage shop at a hunting club in Red Bay this week.
Oliver said investigators then received information from a pawn shop in the Shoals area about two suspects who were able to be linked to Green and Rasko who were trying to pawn items that seemed suspicious.
Oliver then said the sheriff’s office received information from authorities in Colbert County that there had been a string of burglaries that had taken place close to the Colbert and Franklin County line near the place where the four-wheeler had been stolen.
Oliver said during the course of the investigation, Green and Rasko were developed as suspects for the four-wheeler theft and were arrested on the charges Tuesday.
Both Green and Rasko have been released on bond.