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School board member Welborn changes political affiliation

Riding a wave momentum following November’s general election when Franklin County voters elected Republican officials like never before, the party expects to add a new member when the next campaign cycle begins.
“After a lot of prayer and soul-searching I have decided that if I seek reelection in 2016 I will do so as a Republican,” said Franklin County school board member Terry Welborn, who represents Phil Campbell on the board.
“I believe the Republican Party best represents the values and principles of the people of Franklin County and the people of the district I represent – pro-life, respect for the sanctity of marriage, and conservative-Christian values.”
Welborn, who still has almost four full years to serve, said that he believes the party best aligns with his views on education.
“As a member of the board of education, it is my job to look out for the best interests of students and their opportunities. The Republican Party is the national and state leaders when it comes to putting students first and providing innovative education solutions for our kids.”
Jerry Mays, chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party, said that he was elated to learn of Welborn’s decision and believes he will be an asset to the party.
“I have known Terry Welborn for many years,” Mays said.
“He is an active leader in his church, an avid supporter of our schools, and he is a good Christian man. We are proud to have him in the Republican Party.
“The Republican Party has been out in front taking the lead in offering bold, innovative solutions to education reform with one goal – student success.”