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Police search for body

After receiving a tip from an informant, several law enforcement agencies began searching the yard of a Russellville residence this week for a possible deceased infant, officials said.

According to Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett, the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office received a tip from a source stating that there could possibly be an infant child buried in the back yard of a residence at the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Hunterwood Circle in Russellville.

Hargett said the informant stated there was a woman who had lived at the residence from 2009 until just several months ago who had given birth to a child who only lived for a few hours.

Hargett said the source said after the child died, it had been buried in the back yard.

“After we were given this information from the Fire Marshal’s informant, we obtained a search warrant and began searching the back yard of this residence on Wednesday afternoon,” Hargett said.

“We have cadaver dogs who have been involved in this process and they indicated earlier at a particular spot in the yard so we have begun digging in that vicinity.”

As of press time Friday, Hargett said nothing had been found at this time.

Officials with the Russellville Police Department, Alabama Bureau of Investigation, Russellville Fire Department and the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office are still on the scene.