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City passes $9 million budget

The Russellville City Council passed a $9.1 million operating budget this week.
The budget is based FY 2012-2013 that began in October.
Mayor David Grissom said he had been working on the budget since shortly after taking office but he waited to seek the council’s approval until he had several months of true revenue numbers to work with.
“We based the revenue on actual revenue totals from October through January,” Grissom said.
Expenses are based on actual expenses from the previous fiscal year.
“Most all of the appropriations remained the same,” Grissom said.
The city maintained its $1.4 million annual appropriation to the city schools.
Grissom said the schools agreed in November to allow the city to postpone its payments until they were in a better position to pay. Following Monday night’s bill approvals, Grissom said the city was caught up with its payments to the school system.
“I really appreciate Superintendent Rex Mayfield and the school board for working with us and I am glad that we are in a position to be caught up with that payment,” he said.
Councilman Gary Cummings said he that though the budget is tight, he believes it is one the city can work with.
“All of our department heads are working with us to cut overtime and stay within their budget and that’s what it’s going to take,” Cummings said.
Grissom said the support of the department heads makes him believe the budget will be a realistic one.
“Right now all of our department heads are working together as a team to help the citizens of Russellville and I really appreciate them for doing that,” he said.
“That’s the kind of attitude that’s going to help us bounce back and make the city even stronger. This budget is tight, but it’s one we can live with.”