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Family, friends remember Plott as loving, caring

Franklin County native Lesley Hope Plott was a devoted mother, friend, daughter, sister and co-worker who is said to be one of the most caring people someone could ever hope to meet, friends said.
In the wake of her tragic death last Friday, Plott’s family and friends have spoken out about the wonderful person she was and the fact that she was taken from this life much too soon.
Plott worked as a receptionist at Dr. Kevin Kelly’s Urgent Care office, and her co-workers said that it was no coincidence that everyone there loved her and considered her a friend instead of just a co-worker.
“She was the most dedicated, hardworking, caring person,” said Bonnie Marshall, who worked with Plott for two years.
“She was eager to serve others and always stayed a step ahead of me to help me give the best care possible.
“She helped me stay positive everyday, and she left any negativity at the door to the clinic and was focused and motivated to do her best everyday. I have never worked with anyone that compared to Lesley.”
Kassy Franks said she met Plott in November of 2010 when Dr. Kelly’s office moved to its current location at the Wellness Center.
“She had the sweetest smile, and I knew we could get along from the first moment we said hello,” Franks said.
“Working side by side with someone everyday you get to know each other very well. Even though she was only 25 years old, I always told her she was wise beyond her years.”
Donna McKinney, another one of Plott’s co-workers, said Plott was a joy to work with and always made everyone feel better.
“Anytime you get a lot of women together, even in a work setting, you are going to have conflict, but this was never the case with Lesley,” McKinney said.
“She was always smiling her beautiful smile. She was the first face patients would see when they came in the door, and she was always ready to greet them and was eager to help them.
“She loved to learn new things and do whatever she could to help others to finish their jobs. She was always so sweet to interpret for any Spanish speaking patients for other offices as well as ours. I could go on and on about what a wonderful job she did. She was always fun to be around, and she will truly be missed. I don’t know how the office will function as smoothly without her.”
Angela Williams said her friendship with Plott began in January of 2010 and they have been close friends ever since that time.
“Lesley was a beautiful, loving, caring, sweet, funny, smiling and smart young lady,” Williams said.
“She had the capability to do anything she set her mind to, and she was a hard working person.”
Plott’s aunt, Christie Plott, said her niece was a wonderful person who brightened the lives of all their family.
“Lesley was kind and compassionate,” Plott said.
“She would give anyone anything she had if she knew they needed it. Her kind spirit will truly be missed by all of us.”
Plott’s friend Kristin Skidmore said one of Plott’s most distinguishing characteristics, however, was her role as a mother to her four children, David, Felicia, Natalie and Miguel.
“She was a very loving and caring mother who loved her children more than words can express,” Skidmore said. “She would do anything for her children. She talked about them everyday and their ball games that they had.”
Marshall said Plott always had her family on her mind no matter what she did.
“She mothered with the same fierce desire to do her best and to make the best life possible for her children,” Marshall said.
“She let her love for them motivate all her decisions and all her hard work.”
“She was the best mom,” Franks said.
“The kids are very active and she always wanted them to stay busy, taking them to basketball practice or to a friends house if they wanted to go there. “She wanted them to have a bright future.”
“There was nothing she would not do for her babies,” Williams agreed.
“It saddens me to know that they now have to live without her physically in their lives to guide them along their journeys in life, but no one can take her out of their heart or take their memories of her away from them.”
Williams said she had more memories with Plott than she can even count – times at work, fun during the holidays, going shopping or just hanging out together.
There are very few people we meet in our lives that leave a lasting impression like Lesley did,” Williams said.
“I am very sad that God called her home early to be with him, but I am so glad God put her in my life.”
Skidmore said Plott was a great influence on her and she would miss having her as a part of her life.
“She was such an inspiration to me,” Skidmore said.
“She always encouraged me to keep pressing on towards my goal in life. And I wish I could always keep a smile on my face no matter what the situation is like she did.”
“She will truly be missed by everyone who she impacted. I love her and will miss her dearly but I know I will see her again some day.”