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Outdoor sports rely on weather

After watching basketball at the different gyms around the county and surrounding area I forgot just how much baseball and softball depended on the weather.

The last time I checked March was the beginning of the spring (more or less), so why did we start the month off by having snow on two or three different occasions?

Chalk this one up to more crazy Alabama weather.

Of course, now that it’s not snowing it’s raining.

I have already had several games cancelled or postponed on me due to the precipitation falling from the heavens.

I might actually get to watch some baseball and softball during the rest of this week, because the weatherman promised me less rain over the next few days.

What I find to be the craziest part of baseball/softball season is the temperature.

These seasons last only two months, but my hottest and coldest experiences of the year always seem to come during this time.

A few short weeks ago I was freezing at a Belgreen softball tournament.

The temperature dropped considerably as the sun went down that day, so I was woefully unprepared for the change.

Once April gets here and drags closer to May the sunscreen will be in full force as temperatures soar.

This won’t deter me at all from watching games during the season, but it does present a challenge that people do not have to face during the comfort of the gymnasium during basketball season.