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Charges upheld in summer burglary cases

A local man was indicted recently after being linked to a string of burglaries that occurred this past summer.
Charles Coleman Poores, 24, 464 Franklin 167, Russellville, was arrested on five counts of third-degree burglary, five counts of first-degree theft of property, two counts of second-degree theft of property, one count of third-degree theft of property and one count of third-degree criminal mischief, Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said.
Reports indicate the charges stem from a sting of burglaries that occurred during the month of June 2012 in the Frankfort and Jonesboro communities.
According to Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver, three churches and five residences were burglarized with small items such as videogames and jewelry being taken as well as bigger items like the motors and copper wiring from the air conditioning units at the churches.
“When we were investigating the burglaries this summer, Mr. Poores was developed as a suspect after he was arrested on a separate drug charge,” Oliver said.
“He told investigators at the time that he had only acted as a lookout and was not directly involved in the crimes.”
Oliver said when investigators continued looking into the case, it was discovered that allegedly Poores had not been completely honest about his involvement.
“Our investigators found out that Mr. Poores had more to do with the burglaries than just being a lookout,” Oliver said. “We had reason to believe he was actually the one who went into several of the houses and churches, so investigators went to question him about that on Friday.”
Oliver said after being questioned again in November 2012, Poores allegedly admitted to his direct involvement in the crimes.
“He said he did actually go into several houses and took the copper wiring and motors from the air conditioning units at the churches,” Oliver said.
“After obtaining this information, Mr. Poores was charged and taken into custody.”
Rushing said Poores’ case would be set for arraignment on May 2 and placed on the June criminal trial docket.