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Lindsey looks to speech pathology

Editor’s Note: Franklin’s Future is a regular feature spotlighting a high school senior in Franklin County and what they have planned for life after graduation.

High school senior Lexy Lindsey is a standout athlete, a good student and a leader among her peers at Red Bay High School.
In the time she has spent at RBHS, Lindsey has been captain of the cheerleading squad, captain of the girls basketball team, received the designation of All-American at cheerleading camp, was named to the girls All-County basketball team, was voted Senior Class Most Athletic, was voted as the RBHS Football Queen, was named to the academic Hall of Fame and was an active participant on the school’s track team.
She was also a member of the Beta Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions, SAFE, Family Career and Community Leaders of America, English Club, Spanish Club, Science Club, Health Occupation Students of America and Future Farmers of America.
And as a member of the Franklin County Junior Leadership program, Lindsey has also been active in the community through several different service projects and received the presidential award for more than 150 hours of community service her junior year.
Lindsey said that even though the host of activities she is involved in takes up a good bit of her time, she believes it has been worth it in order to learn important life lessons.
“Being involved in certain clubs or sports can be so beneficial because it helps you build character and leadership skills that you will need later on,” she said.
“Sports in particular helps to teach you morals and how to be a good sport and overcome obstacles. It teaches you how to interact with other people and how to respond under pressure – all things that will help you be a better employee and person when you’re older.
“And just in general, clubs and sports help you have a better overall experience in high school because you stay involved and get to experience many different things.”
Lindsey said she believed that going to a smaller school like Red Bay helped her be able to participate in so many different activities and have a good high school experience.
“Red Bay is just a good school with good teachers and good students,” she said. “And with such a small class size, there’s more room for everyone to have a chance to get involved and participate in something if that’s what they want to do.”
Lindsey said some of her favorite high school memories have come during sporting events.
“Going to state in basketball every year since 10th grade was definitely a great feeling,” Lindsey said, “especially in 11th grade when we made it to the state tournament.
“Even though we didn’t end up winning, it was great to make it that far. And we had a great group of girls and we gave all the glory to God for our accomplishments. No one on the team was selfish – we just worked together and we were proud of how far we had come.”
Lindsey said her teammates were probably going to be what she would miss the most once she graduates in May.
“I’ve grown up with these people so I will miss getting to interact with them every day,” she said. “And I’ll miss just getting to play sports in general.”
But Lindsey said she was also looking forward to college and the changes it would bring.
“I think it’s exciting to think that once I start college, I’ll be just one more step closer to my future,” she said.
Lindsey said she hadn’t completely made up her mind where she wanted to go, but she had her eye on Ole Miss since she lives in Mississippi already.
“For me, going to Ole Miss makes the most sense since I won’t be paying out-of-state tuition and they are one of the best colleges for speech pathology, which is what I want to study.”
Lindsey said her desire to help other people is what led her to want to be a speech pathologist and also to minor in special education.
“When I’ve been thinking about what type of career I would want to have, speech pathology came up at one point and it just seemed like something I would enjoy doing,” she said.
“I know how much it would help people and how important it is and it would be great to be part of helping someone overcome the obstacles they face.”
Lindsey said once she graduates, she sees herself coming back to Red Bay to find a job and settle down.
“I really don’t see myself living anywhere other than Red Bay,” Lindsey said. “This is a great community with great people and it’s a good environment to grow up in and raise a family in.”
Lindsey said her advice to those younger than her would be simple but very important.
“My advice to anyone is Matthew 6:33, ‘Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you,’” she said. “As long as you put God first, you can’t go wrong.”
Lindsey is the daughter of Gary and Kim Lindsey. She has an older sister, Keena Goins; and two older brothers, Chase Lindsey and Blake Brummet.