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Sunshine Mills to expand RB plant

RED BAY – Red Bay city officials approved tax abatements for a local company that is planning to expand its facilities inside the city limits.
Mitch Mays, executive director of the Franklin County Development Authority, said that Sunshine Mills, Inc., would be adding two buildings to their facilities that would total 25,000 sq. ft. of additional space.
Mays addressed the Red Bay City Council at their May 16 meeting to request a sales and use tax abatement for the purchase of materials to go toward the construction of the expansion.
Mays also requested a 10-year property tax abatement for the expansion property only, even through Sunshine Mills will still pay the education tax portion of the property and sales taxes.
After hearing from Mays, the council unanimously approved the requests.
“These abatements save the company money and allows them to re-invest that money in the expansion project that will help hire additional employees.”
Mays said 25 new employees will be added to the company over the course of two years as a result of the expansion.
“This was a great way for the city council to show their support of a company that has invested in their community for many years,” Mays said.
“We appreciate them being willing to work together with us to encourage industrial development and progress in Franklin County.”
Red Bay Mayor Bobby Forsythe said he was proud to see the longtime company thriving in their city.
“It’s always good to see local businesses expanding and doing well,” Forsythe said.
“This council tries to be pro-business and we are proud to be able to help Sunshine Mills any way we can.”
Mays said Sunshine Miss, Inc. has two other locations in Tupelo, Miss., and Halifax, Va., so he appreciated them choosing to expand here locally.
“This will be a great thing for Red Bay and for Franklin County as a whole,” Mays said.
“We are proud of the company’s continued success and we wish them well on this new expansion.”
Sunshine Mills, Inc. officials could not be reached for comment on the details of the expansion.
However, Mays said the company expressed interest in starting on construction soon.