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Vincent to play for UAB

Things do not always work out exactly how we want them to. Just ask Nathan Vincent, a Russellville graduate and former Golden Tiger baseball player.

Saturday marked the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft, and Vincent was expected to find his name called during the event.

However, in the end it never came to pass.

“I was kind of disappointed,” Vincent said.

“Some teams told me they were going to draft me, and they didn’t.”

Vincent has spent the past two years playing for the Wallace State Lions in Hanceville. Even though he did not find himself selected by a team on draft day, he will have a rare opportunity that many never get to experience after high school is over.

“I’m going to UAB,” Vincent said. “I signed with UAB before the draft, so I’m going to play there for two years.

“I signed with them at the end of April. It feels good.

“I’ve been playing in junior college, so it will probably be a lot different than what I’m used to.

“I played shortstop and third at Wallace. I will play anywhere. It doesn’t matter to me.

“I played in left field my freshman year. I’m supposed to be playing shortstop and third for UAB.”

Vincent said he has been playing baseball since his dad got him into the sport when he was six years old.

14 years later he is still out on the diamond playing the game he loves.

“Baseball is a sport where you fail seven out of 10 times,” he said. “That’s what’s tough about it.

“I don’t know what it is about baseball, but I’ve always liked playing it.”

With the summer leagues going across the country, fall leagues coming up soon and the spring season just around the corner, Vincent will have ample time to prepare for playing the game at the next level.

“I’ll be ready to go, and I’ll focus on doing my best so I can have a shot at getting drafted again,” he said.