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Tharptown Elementary capped school year with successful reading program

Students at Tharptown Elementary School closed out their 2012-2013 reading program with a special “Wildcats are Reading with a Splash” event.

The program started at the beginning of the school year in August  and all students in grades K-6 participated in the program, which was created by TES reading coach Susie Stockton.

Learning was the main focus, but there was also a lot of fun involved including prizes and the chance to dunk their principal, Barry Laster, in the dunking booth if all the goals were met.

“Each student was given a ‘Wild About Reading’ chart to color in if he or she made an A or a B on their weekly reading test,” Stockton said.

“If they made all As at the end of each reading unit, they colored in blue squares on their chart, received a free popsicle, one free homework pass, and got to fill out two chances to dunk the principal.

“If they made a combination of As and Bs at the end of each unit, they colored in red squares on their chart, received a free popsicle, and got to fill out once chance to dunk the principal.”

Stockton said there were five or six units depending on which grade a student was in, so they had a new opportunity to receive incentives each time they started a new reading unit.

“These charts were created to motivate and challenge students to d their best reading,” Stockton said.

“There were several hundred chances turned in by the end of the school year, so I think it was very successful.”

At the “Wildcats are Reading with a Splash” event on May 10, 25 names were drawn out during the school-wide assembly in the gym from the dunk chances that had been turned in.

Stockton said the first name drawn out was second-grader Landen Borden, who also received a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. All 25 students got a chance to throw two balls each to dunk the principal, and he was dunked several times.

“It is very important for the students to be motivated and challenged to do their best in whatever they do in life,” Stockton said.

“Learning to read is a vital asset to obtain and it is a joy to see students become successful and meet their goals in reading day after day, year after year.

“Also, thanks to each teacher at TES for all their dedication and high expectations for each students. And a special thanks to Laura Stockton, Josie Dugan and Katina Petree for their help with the program last year and this year.”

Stockton said several students were from each homeroom class were recognized with Rising Star awards for being the most improved in reading. Those students were:

Kindergarten – Layne Franks, Georgia Hines, Lettie Hines; 1st Grade – Savannah Patterson, Madilyn Gibson, Meliah Trotter; 2nd Grade – Katie Harrison, Ella Franks, Brandt Buchanan; 3rd Grade – Dannie Gooch, John Tyler Hargett, Anthony Arredondo; 4th Grade – Viviana Aquirre, Destiny Hargett; 5th Grade – Logan King, Nathan Hallmark; 6th Grade – Evan Franks, Julissa Vela.

The following students were recognized for receiving all As on each reading test throughout the year:

Kindergarten – Damien Tompkins, Daniel Evans, Harlee Fisher, Joshua Stewart, Abilene Tyler, Neyland Baker, Lydia Garrison, Addison Gasque, Dacota Green, Brayden Hall, Riley Lawrence, Blake Nunley, Alex Quintero; 1st Grade – Daniel DelaSancha, Dawson Higgins, Joshua Reed, Madie Harris, Paisley Holaway, Sarah Kate Kiel, Kaleigh Massey, Abbey Poore, Taylor Smallwood, Krymson Tverberg; 2nd Grade – Kourtney Brown, Malachi Gholston, Autumn Montgomery; 3rd Grade – Gracie Montgomery, Bernardo Castillo, Tyler Amos; 4th Grade – Jonny Geronimo; 6th Grade – Marco Hatton.

The following students were recognized for receiving all As and Bs on each reading test throughout the year:

Kindergarten – Cornelio Balbuena, Angie Chavez, Jordan Chaney, Zachary Little, Harley Jo McGuire, Isabel Padilla, Yuliana Vera Ponce, Carter Berryman, Drayven Borden, Nicholas Hargett, Lettie Hines, Shyla Martinez, Courtney Smith, Ashley Vela; 1st Grade – Jackson Clement, Kiana Self, Edwin Vela, Melissa Aparisio, Kaylie Martin, Debra King, Dylan Valdez, Morgan Vandiver, Braisly Barboza, Graycee Huffstulter, Landon McClellan, Hunter Motes; 2nd Grade – Grace Beard, Presley Laster, Kyndall Morgan, Tilmon Baker, Kendal Bartlett, Landen Borden, Ingri Flores, Ella Franks, Olivia Gann, Madeleine Gutierrez, Jacob Herring, Brayden Malone, Evan Davis, Skyler Poore; 3rd Grade – Allana Cook, Katie Smith, Dewayne West, Conner Byars, Abby Garrson, Callie Mayberry, Ally Poss, Leslie Staggs, Zack Wallace; 4th Grade – Tomas DelaCruz, Perla Chavez, Luke Garrison, Bethany Gasque; 5th Grade – Orlando Hernandez, Ethan Pennington; 6th Grade – Breanna Thompson.

The following students were winners of the coloring contest held in conjunction with the reading program:

Kindergarten – Lydia Garrison; 1st Grade – Edwin Vela; 2nd Grade Tilmon Baker; 3rd Grade – Cierra Hand; 4th Grade – Olivia Darracott; 5th Grade – Olivia Ergle; 6th Grade – Jazmin Vidal.