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Local talent to appear in Christian film being shown at the Roxy

Franklin County residents will have the opportunity this weekend to see local residents in a Christian film that puts a modern spin on a biblical story.

A free screening of the movie “Sam Good” will start at 7 p.m. at the Roxy Theater in downtown Russellville on Saturday, Aug. 3.

The movie is based on the story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible and features Russellville native Bethany Boyd Fuller as Molly, a methamphetamine addict who befriends the title character, Sam Good, played by Fuller’s father, Jerry Boyd.

“Molly and Jack are drug addicts living on the streets and they seem like the last people you would want to be around,” Fuller said.

“But when Sam Good is in trouble and needs help, these drug addicts come to his rescue. They impact him and he in turn impacts them, and it really breaks down those stereotypes and barriers.

“It shows you that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and you never know who could be a positive influence in your life.”

The movie is a production of Cast Light Film Co-Op, which is a non-profit Christian media company that strives to provide quality Christian entertainment.

Fuller, who has been interested in acting and theater since she was young, said she became involved with Cast Light Film Co-Op’s director Dennis Packard through her father.

“My dad goes to church with Dennis and he showed one of the first movies at church and talked about his plan to have this organization that makes these Christian films since there isn’t a lot of Christian media out there,” Fuller said.

“Dennis said he was looking for volunteers to be part of the next movie and my dad told him that he and I had both done acting before and he would see if I was interested.

“When he called to tell me about it, I was excited about the opportunity.”

The first movie Fuller and Boyd participated in was “Miracle in the Coppice,” and after that, Packard asked them to have leading roles in “Sam Good.”

“I’ve always loved acting, but I’ve found out through working on these movies that film is a lot different than working on stage,” she said.

“It takes a lot more effort and work. We worked on this movie for months, but I believe it was worth it. It’s a great story and something that everyone could relate to.”

Fuller said even though the screening in Russellville is free, donations will be accepted to help Packard fund his next Christian movie.

“Basically Dennis is just taking his talents and using them to glorify the Lord and advance His kingdom, so donating to Cast Light Christian Film Co-Op is a great ministry opportunity,” Fuller said.

“I hope there will be a lot of local people who come out to this event to not only support a great ministry but to enjoy some good, family-friendly entertainment right here in Russellville.”

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