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RFD offers several programs to help residents

Summer is not often a time that people have fire safety on their minds.

Oftentimes, people associate winter months and the use of home heating sources as the prime time for a house fire.

But, Russellville officials say that is just not the case.

That’s why the Russellville Fire Department wants to remind residents of their ongoing program to distribute smoke detectors to homes throughout the city. Fire Chief Joe Mansell said the department is promoting their smoke detector program, which has been around for the past several years, so they can make sure the residents in the area are as safe as possible.

The smoke detectors the RFD is distributing free of charge to those who need one have approximately a 10-year battery span.

“Sen. Roger Bedford and the city council have been very supportive and helping us keep this program going and we want everyone to take advantage of it,” Mansell said.

“Smoke detectors are tools that have been proven to save lives. We have had fatality fires where, after the investigation is finished, we discovered the house was without a smoke detector, so you can see how important it is to have one in your home.”

Mansell said the program has evolved over the years and it his goal to have smoke detectors in each home inside the city limits.

“When our smoke detector project first started, we were just giving them to our elderly residents and those on a fixed income,” Mansell said.

“With the help of the city and Sen. [Roger] Bedford, we’ve been able to expand this project to include anyone in the city who doesn’t have a smoke detector or who needs their old one replaced with the ones we have that will last up to 10 years.

“Our goal is to have at least one working smoke detector in every house in the city of Russellville.”

The department will even go as far as placing them inside a home if the resident needs assistance.

“You never know when some wiring can go bad or a candle left burning can tip over and catch the house on fire,” Mansell said.

“I hate for these smoke detectors to just sit here at the station when the could be in someone’s house and potentially save a life.

“I don’t want to have a fire fatality because someone didn’t have a smoke detector to alert them and get them out of the house in time.”

Mansell added that anyone who might be concerned about potential fire hazards in their home or business can contact the fire department and trained officials will do a walk-through.

“We just want to make sure everyone is staying safe and being smart,” Mansell said.

But, that is not all the department is doing to try to help local residents.

Anyone can stop by the fire station at any time during the day to have a free blood pressure screening.

“That’s just something we offer so someone can drop in real quick if they feel like they need to have it checked and we can take a look at it for them,” Mansell said.

The department is also currently seeking input on hosting free non-certified CPR training classes.

“If anybody is interested we will make it happen, whether it’s one person or 30,” the chief said.

“Ideally, we would have one big class. If anyone is interested we just encourage them to contact us and we will work out a time for the class.”

To speak to someone about the smoke detector program or to have an inspection done or if you are interested in the free non-certified CPR training course, contact the RFD at 256-332-8761.