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Tiffin named mayor, Trulove appointed to council seat

RED BAY – The city’s top leadership position officially changed hands on Monday as the city council unanimously approved councilman David Tiffin to be the new mayor for the city of Red Bay.
Tiffin was appointed by the council following the resignation of Mayor Bobby Forsythe, who announced his resignation from the position at the August 5 council meeting.
Forsythe said his health was a determining factor in his decision to resign and said he had recently become aware that his glaucoma condition was worsening, which would prevent him from putting in the hours needed to successfully operate as mayor.
Forsythe’s last day in office was Aug. 16 and the council formally announced a vacancy for the position at that time.
According to Alabama law, the city council had 60 days to appoint a person to serve out the remaining three years of Forsythe’s unexpired term as mayor.
While the council was deliberating, Tiffin said he let other members know he would be willing to step in and fill the position.
“Before serving on the city council during this administration, I served on the Red Bay City Council from 1972 to 1976, and ever since that time, I have been asked almost every election if I would be running for mayor,” Tiffin said.
“I am a firm believer in prayer and I always pray about the decisions in my life, and all those times, I never felt like I was receiving a positive answer to run for mayor.
“But when this situation came up and we were meeting in executive session to discuss possible candidates, I let my fellow council members know that I had prayed about this, and I finally felt like I was at a point in my life where I am retired and I have the time to devote to this job.”
Councilman and Mayor Pro-Tempore Brad Bolton, who served as acting mayor since Aug. 16, said he knew Tiffin would be a great leader for the city.
“I have no doubt that David will put his heart and soul into this job because I know he wants what’s best for Red Bay,” Bolton said.
“We felt like David’s business experience running Tiffin Supply for many years and being part of Tiffin Motor Homes certainly gave him the experience necessary to be the mayor.
“I know he will represent the city of Red Bay with class and dignity, and he has the leadership ability to fulfill the responsibilities of this job.”
Tiffin said he was grateful the council gave him the opportunity to serve his hometown in this capacity.
“I was born and raised here, and I have always wanted what is best for the city of Red Bay,” Tiffin said.
“Mayor Forsythe did an outstanding job during his administration leading our city and helping us get to a better place, and I just want to continue what he already started.
“We have excellent employees and department heads who work together toward the common goal of improving the city, and I look forward to working with them.
“I also look forward to working together with the council to fulfill the goal we had at the beginning of our terms to bring more industry and jobs into our area.
“Any person on the current city council could have filled this term and would have done an outstanding job, and I am humbled that they have put their faith in me to serve in this capacity.
“I am more than ready to begin this journey, and I will do the best I can to lead the city in a positive way.”
Since the city council appointed a mayor from within, Tiffin’s Place 3 council seat was officially declared vacant at Monday’s special called meeting.
At the regular scheduled council meeting later that evening, Red Bay resident and longtime educator Herbert Trulove was appointed to fill Tiffin’s vacated council position.
Bolton said Trulove was a natural choice because of his previous experience in city leadership.
“[Trulove] is a former council member so he is fully aware of the roles and responsibilities that come along with this position,” Bolton said.
“Being involved in the county school system for many years will also be a great help to the council because he will be able to help us administer the Red Bay occupational tax in the most efficient manner and give us a better insight on how we can help improve our schools.
“We feel like [Trulove] will be a great fit with our current council, and we are glad that he was willing to fill this position.”
Trulove, who recently retired as the director of the Franklin County Career Technical Center in Belgreen, said he was looking forward to once again serving the people of Red Bay.
“Red Bay is my hometown. It is where I was born and raised, and I am glad to have the opportunity to serve my community,” Trulove said.
“I appreciate the confidence of the present council in selecting me to serve. They are an outstanding group and have done a great job leading our city, and I am looking forward to adding what I can and working hard to help Red Bay continue to grow.”
Both Tiffin and Trulove were officially sworn-in during a ceremony at the Weatherford Centre following the council meeting.