Man indicted on rape charge

A Franklin County man accused of forcibly raping a woman at her home in February was indicted by the September grand jury, officials said.

Richard Edward Agee, Jr., 26, of Russellville, was charged indicted for first-degree rape, Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said.

Rushing said the indictment stems from an incident that reportedly occurred in February of this year.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver, deputies received a call from the victim on Feb. 17 stating she needed law enforcement to come with her to her home because she suspected an acquaintance of hers might be waiting for her at her house.

Oliver said when the deputies arrived at the victim’s residence, she asked them to wait outside while she went into the home to make sure no one else was there.

“After a few minutes, she came back outside and told the deputies everything seemed fine and they could leave,” Oliver said. “But they continued to patrol the area for a short time after that.”

Oliver said the sheriff’s office later received a report from the victim stating Agee had appeared at her residence about 20 minutes after the deputies had left.

“She said he had walked two miles to her residence but the deputies had not seen him on the road before or after they visited her home,” Oliver said.

He said investigators believe Agee was already in the home and wasn’t spotted by the victim when she searched her home the first time.

Oliver said the victim stated Agee forcibly raped her before leaving the residence.

After the report was made, investigators brought Agee in for questioning and official charges were filed.

Rushing said Agee’s case would be set for an arraignment hearing on Oct. 29.