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County approves budget

By Alison James


The Franklin County Commission last Wednesday approved its annual budget for fiscal year 2015-2016.

A total $12,111,319.25 will be divided as follows: General Fund, $6,709,209.17; Solid Waste Department, $2,453,586.03; and Highway Department, $2,948,524.05.

The difference needed to balance this year’s budget, explained Probate Judge Barry Moore, will come from transfers from that Capital Improvement Fund, Public Buildings Fund, Public Highway and Traffic Fund and fund balance brought forward from last fiscal year.

The budget includes any step raises due in the 2015-2016 fiscal year and a pay scale adjustment for the solid waste fund, as well as promotions in the Jail and Highway Department. Also this year will include 27 payrolls – that extra cost is included in the budget.

There will be a 7.8 percent increase in the health insurance premiums that will be absorbed in this budget, also the copays and generic prescriptions payments have increased. Also the county will move from standard rates to preferred rates effective Jan. 1, 2016.

Capital outlay items for the sheriff’s office and EMA will be purchased from the Capital Project Fund. Also capital outlay items will be purchased from the Highway Department budget.

“It is a very tight budget, as we always have,” Moore said.

During the called meeting, the county also:

– approved the reappraisal budget.

– recognized October as archives month.

– approved budget line item transfers for all departments.

– authorized the opening of a new bank account for Highway Safety Grants