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RMS students learn about bacteria

Was Typhoid Mary a victim or a villain?

This was the question RMS students in Teen Discoveries and Teen Connections sought to answer following a lesson on food borne illness with guest speaker Mallory Kincaid.

Kincaid, an instructional partner for RMS and RHS, spoke on identifying and understanding bacteria and shared data on common sources of contamination. She also shared her personal story with food poisoning by salmonella.

Students then discussed ways they can prevent food borne illness from occurring within the classroom during food labs and read a historical article on Mary Mallon, “Typhoid Mary.”

“The students were able to debate whether she was a victim or a villain,” said teacher Rachel Agee. “It was really neat to see what the students had to say!”

Agee said Kincaid helped plan the lesson to enhance teaching on bacteria and food borne illness.

Students learned about good versus bad bacteria and learned proper techniques for preventing food borne illness, like keeping food at proper temperatures, washing hands and cleaning prep stations.