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Scholars Bowl revs up at PCHS

By Nicole Burns for the FCT


Phil Campbell High School’s Junior Scholars Bowl team is off to a strong start after bringing home a win in their first match against East Franklin Junior High in October. The team now sets its sights on raising money to help them make it through the season and to help needy children in the community.

Junior Scholars Bowl is a competition of seventh and eighth grade minds competing in question and answer matches with other schools. PCHS teacher and JSB sponsor Tina King said, “I expect students to behave scholarly. That simply means that they should do well in all of their classes, exemplify character and set high standards for themselves.”

Eighth grader Ben Williams described a typical JSB match: “We usually have one round where we put the eighth graders in, and then the next round, we put the seventh graders in so they can experience it.” Eighth grader Amber Ergle said King relies on the veterans to help the new students. “We have to help the newer ones learn what to do and to help them out in the matches,” said Ergle.

The team is currently seeking outside help to allow students to continue to participate with little cost. “As members of the Tri-County Scholars Bowl Association, our team has to register and pay annual dues each year,” said King. The PCHS JSB is also having issues with its buzzer system. After several repair attempts, they must borrow a buzzer system from another program, which can get tricky with scheduling.

King said she applied for a Franklin County Community Development Commission Grant. If awarded, it should provide the money the group needs to pay for transportation to away matches. Students are also selling meat sticks in order to save up for a new buzzer system, which could cost up to $800. “We are fortunate that our school board covers the cost of my substitute, but the cost of travel for away matches is expensive. In the past, we have been responsible for both the bus driver and bus mileage,” King said.  Mrs. King

Williams and Ergle both said they love their time in Junior Scholars Bowl. “We definitely get closer with our friends,” said Ergle.

“We get closer with other schools too,” said Williams.

Teams will continue to compete in monthly matches until they face off at the Tri-County Tournament scheduled next spring at NWSCC.

The team also plans to team up with the Alabama Career Association and participate in a Toy Drive in December. New toys or monetary donations can be sent to Phil Campbell High School, Attn: Tina King, P.O. Box 849 Phil Campbell, AL  35581. All proceeds from the Toy Drive will be used for gift items for local children in Franklin County.  The deadline for the Toy Drive is Dec. 10.