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Phil Campbell author writes about ‘godly’ golf

By Bart Moss for the FCT

Anyone looking for a great last-minute Christmas gift or the perfect stocking stuffer might need not look any further than a short book penned by a local author, Terry “Link” Pounders, titled “A ‘Godly’ Golf Adventure With Friends.” This is the second book written by the Phil Campbell resident. His first book was “Little League, It’s Only A Game.”

The book follows a group of friends who set out for a round of golf on a sunny afternoon on a fictitious golf course in the country. Although the book is centered around the game of golf and explains the game for unfamiliar, the central theme of the book is about friendship and the power of God in people’s lives.

Pounders said the inspiration for the story comes from his deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the command to spread the Good News.

“I believe in the Great Commission with all my heart, and I have tried to pass the gospel of Jesus Christ, His death, His burial and His resurrection to as many people as I can by ‘pass it on’ cards, signs and some other unusual ways,” said Pounders. “Just walking the golf courses and seeing all the beautiful nature of God’s creation, I just wanted to share that with others, and maybe they will begin to notice also. If it changes one person’s life, it was worth it.”

The story is centered on golf because Pounders is lifelong golfer but admittedly more of a novice at the game.

“I love to play golf, and I have tried to play golf for over 40 years, and I may be the worst golfer around,” said Pounders. “I used to play almost every day. Then Jesus came into my life. Now, I only play about once a week. I don’t want some of my friends and acquaintances to hear those dreadful words from God ‘depart from me, I never knew you.’”

Writing a book can be a long, lonely and painstaking experience, and Pounders said he has learned a lot about himself and his friends through his writing.

“I learned that I have some truly fantastic friends. It’s good to laugh and share stories about life. I also learned that God can use anyone to get his message out in a variety of ways if we just make ourselves available to Him.”

If there is anything Pounders wants readers to take away from the book, it is to enjoy life every day and appreciate God’s gifts and creation.

“Golf can be a really enjoyable experience if it’s not taken too seriously,” said Pounders.  “Observe God’s creation while you are playing.”

Get the book just in time for Christmas as an e-book for the Kindle on by searching for the title or author. Prefer a hard copy of the book? Contact Pounders at 205-492-2634. The e-book on is $2.99. The hard copy version is $5.