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RPD still seeks fraud suspects

Russellville police investigators are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying two suspects who are believed to be responsible for passing counterfeit $50 bills in the Russellville area. Five local businesses have been affected so far in Russellville. The two suspects are also believed to have passed the counterfeit money in Lawrence and Marion counties.


RPD reports that all of the fake bills recovered thus far have the same serial number (MD17295014A). Investigators are asking all businesses to be very cautious when accepting $50 bills as payment for any purchase. If this serial number appears on any $50 bill presented for payment, the bill is going to be a counterfeit.

Anyone that may know either of these individuals should contact their local area law enforcement agency. Callers can remain anonymous.

The distribution of counterfeit bills has been going on since at least early December in Russellville.

Counterfeiting has also recently been a problem in Red Bay, where Red Bay Police Chief Janna Jackson said $1 bills have been manipulated to pass as $20s and $100s.

“That just started here in the last few weeks,” Jackson said in early December. She encouraged people to be aware during a cash exchange and inspect bills closely to be sure they are authentic.