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County proposes hauling notification

After a tense work session Jan. 11, the Franklin County Commission opted to hold off taking any voting action on its proposed hauling ordinance until its February meeting.

The county has shared its proposed ordinance with the Alabama Forestry Association and the Alabama Loggers Council, where it was met with approval.

“It’s just a notification so we know what’s going on,” said county engineer David Palmer, also clarifying that it applies not only to loggers, but to other heavy, oversized trucks, such as sand and gravel.

The ordinance will be circulated for further input and feedback. If approved, the appropriate forms will be made available for loggers and others to supply the notification the county is looking for to be able to make efficient and effective plans for roadwork.

Although rumors flew and concerns were expressed that the county intended to impose a bond on loggers, the ordinance does not include a bond, nor is it a permit – both of which are not legal methods for the county to employ, and neither of which the county intended to include as part of the notification requirements.

Palmer said he and the county don’t want to put anything too burdensome on the loggers and are just interested in implementing a basic policy that is fair to both sides. Loggers present at Tuesdays meeting voiced their agreement that the proposed policy was fair and not too cumbersome.

“I think we’ve come to a common ground,” Probate Judge Barry Moore said.

The county also: accepted two sheriff’s department resignations and approved ATRIP invoices.