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RHS buys Chromebooks, projectors with RC&D funds

The Northwest Alabama Resource Conservation and Development Council gave $2,400 to Russellville High School for the purchase of ten Chromebooks to be used by students in the math classrooms at $5,833.76 for the purchase of four Brightlink Interactive Projectors to be used by teachers and students.

The Chromebooks are part of an initiative in the school to promote financial literacy. Principal Tim Guinn said the school recently identified the problem of students needing help becoming more prepared for college and career paths and “real world math.”

“Our high school classrooms needed technology to help students in making good career and financial decisions,” Guinn said.

At to the projectors, Guinn said the school’s faculty and administrators discovered through observation and communication with other schools that some of their technology needed updating to provide the best opportunities for students. “Our high school needed more interactive up to date technology to prepare students for the next level upon completing high school whether the student be entering the workforce or attending college,” he said.

Approximately 1,120 students are benefiting from using the Chromebooks in their math classrooms, as well as the interactive projectors. The total value of the Chromebooks is $2,627.70. The total value of the projectors is $6,980.

Northwest Alabama RC&D Council Chairman Roger Hayes said the council is very supportive of teachers having access to innovative tools to aid in the learning process. “The Council will continue to support projects that are providing our students with new opportunities to learn and grow through technology,” Hayes said.  He also expressed his appreciation to Sen. Larry Stutts as well as Reps. Johnny Mack Morrow and Ken Johnson, who represent Franklin County well and provide support for the RC&D in the state legislature.