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Belgreen native returns to Redneck Island

T.V. star or redneck cowboy? Belgreen native Lucas Albert is both.

The fifth season of CMT’s Redneck Island premieres tomorrow, and it will be the second season to feature Albert, a 27-year-old 2007 Belgreen High School graduate, as one of the contestants.

“I loved it,” said Albert of his first year on the show, which he discovered through Facebook. After all, the main idea was to “get paid to drink beer and try to win $100,000.”

Albert, who now lives in Oxford, Miss., was invited back for a new season, “Redneck Island: Battle at the Lake,” in which 12 newcomers and 12 veteran fan favorites will battle it out in a series of competitions on Redneck Island.

“During the game it’s all seriousness,” Albert said. “You want to not have to go to the elimination round.”

And although Albert said the competitors have a lot of fun, “there’s always drama when you put 24 people in a house,” he said. As for himself, “I really didn’t have no boundaries last year when I was on the show. I did my fair share of acting pretty wild and crazy.”

Thirty-two days of filming in Georgia created what viewers will see every Thursday night beginning tomorrow. Albert said episode two is his favorite.

While he had an inkling that CMT might cast him for some other show or series, he was thrilled to be invited back for another go at Redneck Island.

“I was excited. I was ready to go,” said Albert. He is also interested in pursuing future television opportunities with CMT or another network, or even considering movie roles.

Albert’s parents, Joe and Shelaine Albert, live in Belgreen. His sister Cassidy, her husband Jason and their two boys, Noah and Jackson, live in Phil Campbell.

“The first season, they were kind of worried,” Albert said. “My sister said, ‘Don’t do anything to embarrass us or embarrass the family on national television.’”

Once his family saw the show’s ratings and how big his fan base grew, he said they came around to the idea of the competition.

“My mom always said I was made for T.V.,” said Albert, who describes himself as being a comedian and a troublemaker in school.

Albert encouraged everyone to be sure to tune in every Thursday.

“Be prepared for a lot of wild and crazy activities and challenges,” he said.

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